1. Thanks for the great tips as usual. I really have learned through you that solo traveling is not about being alone, it is about treating yourself to an adventure on your own terms and meeting others taking a similar journey. When your journeys no longer parallel, you both move on and it repeats and before you know it you have made so many friends and interacted with so many others and maybe even cross paths again in the same manner. In this case, the hikes in Alaska need to be done not in isolation/alone but with a buddy or in the worst case, contactable and reachable. I think it is so important for everyone considering solo travel, no matter the age, gender, etc. should understand this and I love how you are so good at explaining it and how you are safe about things. Plus as I always say, kudos for thinking about the environment, preserving those pure glacial water bodies and leaving things they way they looked when you got there.
    The Alaska guide is really cool with amazing photos. Can’t wait to hear more about your Tonga adventures with humpbacks!

  2. That Torres Del Paine photo in Chile 😮 !

    Thanks for the great tips, very usefull for our upcoming hikes in Scotland!

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