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  1. Ijana Loss says

    This is great info! If I’m not a big photography person but still wanted to take a few pictures to have great memories to look back on, what would you recommend? I tend to take all my travel pics with my iPhone, but is there a way to keep it from dying from cold/altitude? Or is it really best to get a camera?

    • Kristin says

      I personally feel way too limited with an iPhone. However all batteries die quickly in the cold so I like to bring a battery pack or solar charger for that.

  2. Kailey Ekstrum says

    Do you use your steripen to sterilize water in the bladder? Is there a litter limit for the pens effectiveness?

  3. Jenn | DayTipper28 says

    Hey Kristin, great resource list. When I did my first trip to the BWCA in northern Minnesota and the camps packing list didn’t mention deodorant I was shocked. Little did I know how ineffective deodorant is on the trail! Great post of tips!

  4. Agathe says

    So many tips! This is going to be very helpful, I hope to do more hiking in my next travels. I did some in Slovenia and France and it was so amazing. Thanks for such a complete article!

  5. Sarah says

    Getting a warm enough sleeping bag is SO important! Unless you run crazy hot, always go warmer than you think you’ll need. My bag is 10F, but back when I lived in CA I wished I had a warmer bag! (Summer camping on the east coast is however a bit different) Also, think what can be multipurpose. I absolutely have to wash my face – but for backpacking, the Dr. Bronner’s unscented soap we bring for washing dishes is good enough.

  6. Rebecca says

    I am loving how many Snickers bars and blocks of Milka chocolate are in that photo!!! Looks like my kind of backpacking trip 🙂