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Hiking in Patagonia

Imagine hiking through the crown jewel of Patagonia on this guided trek of the O, visiting penguins, and staying in luxury in Chile's most famous national park. 

Whales in French Polynesia

what to do on moorea swim with whales

Swim with these gentle giants on a remote island in the South Pacific, with amazing food, hospitality, and culture. A real, authentic Polynesian Experience.

More to Come Worldwide

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"it's so nice

to be with a supportive group of women!

BMTM Adventures are all about combining the support system of amazing women, as well as unique experiences that we're confident don't exist like this yet. 

We've hung with animals from the Galapagos to Namibia,

Hiked from the ruins of the Andes to the glaciers of Alaska

and had cultural immersion in French Polynesia

How to Take a Past Trip

We've taken amazing trips in the past that we can plan for you and your closest friends, family, or small groups! Travel with our local guides and let us plan it out for you! We handle everything from landing to takeoff. Check out these itineraries:

Namibia and Botswana

Galapagos animals 

Iceland Trekking

A tour is only as good as its guide, so you have nothing to worry about! Kristin is awesome. She has a calming nature about her and a genuineness that is magnetic. Pete, her right hand man with BMTM Adventures, is a perfect complement—charismatic and completely unfazed by the conversations that occur when you put 16 women in a van. Together, the pair is unstoppable. I always felt included, never once felt unsafe, and when there were hiccups, Kristin & Pete handled them behind the scenes while the rest of us remained blissfully unaware. They’re professionals without all that corporate stiffness, as responsible as they are silly. - Ashley

"These tours have been everything I was hoping for and so much more! We’ve traveled to amazing places, and each day is always packed with fun, active adventures. I love that the emphasis is on doing awesome things, rather than ticking off a checklist of sights that I’ll forget before I’ve finished editing the photos (because I’m not on top of that shit at all). I have so much confidence now in these tours that I barely need to read the itinerary – I know when we go someplace new that each day will be fun and different, and I just have to be open to it! Pete is an amazing guide, a rare combination of totally competent and organized and completely laid back and funny. Together, Kristin and Pete set a fun and friendly atmosphere." - Jenn

I had been eyeing a trip to Patagonia for a couple years, but the actual task of planning it all seemed so daunting, especially from afar - permits, buses, gear, food, clothing - I did not know where to begin!  When I saw Kristin's trip, it was a no brainer - she took care of all the tiny details and all I needed to do was show up with appropriate gear (for which she also provided the perfect packing list).  

This was the first multi-day trek I have done, and it was made possible by the planning and guidance of Kristin and Pete.  

The trip itself was amazing - I was so excited for Patagonia, and it truly exceeded expectations!  Kristin also provided tips on photography that helped me capture amazing memories. Highly recommend traveling with Kristin and Pete! 

- Crystal