➵Courses - Learn the Art of Blogging and Photography and Attend A Virtual Chakra Retreat

The Travel Blog Accelerator

Learn how to build a blog that earns you money, gives you ultimate freedom, and positively contributes to the world. 

This group format provides accountability, the option to opt in or out when you need to, and ultimate support.

The Photo Muse Masterclass

Learn how to get out of auto and create amazing memories of the places you visit. Be your own pro photographer. 

Take it a step further and learn how to brand, how to build your Instagram following, and how to make your photography take your blog to the next level.

The Virtual Chakra Retreat

Join us for a week of rejuvenation, self-care to nourish you, and connection with other amazing women near and far. 

This 7-day virtual retreat is curated based on the 7 chakras, with daily guided meditations, yoga practices, and delicious recipes inspired by the rainbow that you can explore on your own pace.

➵Books - Solo Travel Guidebook + Memoir

Conquering Mountains: how to solo travel the world fearlessly

This is the ultimate solo travel guide that has helped thousands of women plan their first solo trip!

Take the guesswork out of planning a solo trip. Whether it's a long-term adventure or your first solo jaunt, this is everything you need to know.

A Thousand New Beginnings

A Thousand New Beginnings is a memoir drawn from my personal journal during my first year of solo travels through Southeast Asia.

This book has all of the parts in it that I left out of the blog – the parts that had to do with falling in and out of love, those wild nights dancing on the beach with beautiful strangers, the darkest, innermost thoughts that plagued me during the difficult times, and my eventual movement towards growth and understanding, not only of the world outside, but also the world within.

➵Gear - My trusted brands from 8 years of traveling with them

The Essentials:

My Environmental-friendly picks:

➵Tours - Group Adventures Around the World

More than 100 women have joined the BMTM Tours to adventurous destinations around the world, including Peru, Patagonia, Galapagos, Namibia, Botswana, French Polynesia and more. Click to find out more details and treat yourself to a life-changing adventure with a small group of like-minded women! Prefer to DIY? We now offer to set you up with a local guide and get you ready for your trip based on our past itineraries!

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