Turbo Charge Your Blog Growth

Do you wish that you could comfortably live off of your blogging income, making it a six-figure job?

Are you looking for a hands-on approach to help you achieve your career dreams?

Do you wish you had access to an expert to help you through the process? 

Make money, build an audience, and make this your full-time gig faster. I'm here to guide you through it. 

I'm Kristin

Welcome to the Travel Blog Accelerator. 

After taking many one-size-fits-all courses myself, I've come to find that we all have our own journey to a successful travel blog. There is no cookie-cutter method. 

Since starting my blog in 2012, I've built up Be My Travel Muse into the most-read women's travel blog in the English-speaking world, that millions of people use each year, with hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and revenue in the mid six-figures. I've made just about every mistake one can make along the way, and I'm here to help you skip that part of building your blog and business. 

The Travel Blog Accelerator is designed to help you find your own path to success with your blog, not only with course materials that you do on your own, but with a meaningful mastermind community that meets regularly, keeps you accountable, and allows you to get feedback on your projects. 

Travel Blog Accelerator Promises

What you can expect from this program

Access to the Slack Community

Tell the group what you're working on, get feedback, and stay accountable. 

+ a productivity journal for each section to stay on top of your projects. Zero in on your main money-making projects and see them through

Access to Candid Interviews with Top Bloggers

Learn how Nomadic Matt, Alyssa Ramos, Liz Carlson, and more built their businesses, each with their own unique methods and ways of monetizing. Learn what you can from each to build your own brand.

Applicable Teachings

Learn about affiliate marketing hacks, high-level SEO strategies, standing out in a saturated market, time management, expert branding (without being salesy), getting PAID, and so much more. 

Make your Money Back

Travel Blog Accelerator students have been able to make the shift from nothing to established blogs, and from part-time blogging to full time incomes using the strategies in the Travel Blog Accelerator. 

But don't just take my word for it...


"I feel like the information is invaluable to my success in the future. The group itself is much more supportive than other FB groups I have been a part of. I enjoy that people aren't afraid to post their work or ask questions and that others are giving feedback as well." - Roxy

Roxy -Budding blogger

Let your passion become your full time job. 

A Whole approach to the Entrepreneurial Journey

Blogging doesn't have to be a confusing, lonely journey. Being an entrepreneur, staying sane, and staying committed are easier with support and community. 

We meet twice each month live to check in and learn new skills. Videos are always available for replay, and I'm reachable in the group when you need me, and available for 1:1 coaching calls.

Skip the guesswork and get right into conscious creation. 

Your dream job Can Pay You Full Time

I promise to hold nothing back, to teach you what I know, and to help you find your way in a saturated market. 

You will gain insights from the course to help you forge your own path, and tools to help you stay productive, inspired, and dedicated. 

"I've already gotten valuable knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and feedback from this course. I've gotten clarity on my niche, as well as a strategy for further growth.  With all this after just one month, I think further time in the group will only lead to bigger and better things"

Turbocharge your growth - Your Benefits

When you sign up for the full course, you'll gain access to our private slack group, as well as all of the course materials mentioned below.

​Don't need the whole course? No problem! You can buy mini courses as well!

These are all of the strategies and tactics that I have used to make Be My Travel Muse the most-read women's travel blog in the English-speaking world, generating well into the mid six figures for several years running. This is my dream job and I want to help you get there too.

Course Structure Build as You Go

Branding like a boss:

  • What is your superpower and your 'why'?
  • Let's evaluate the look and feel of your blog and social channels to reflect your brand. 
  • I provide Media kit templates and a direct look at my marketing emails and case studies.
  • Your end result: A clear, inspiring brand message. 


Get Seen:

  • SEO strategies that work + driving traffic to your blog
  • How to get featured on other blogs.
  • Collaborations and networking.
  • How to pitch media.
  • Your end result: A clear growth strategy. 

Monetization strategies for YOU:

  • Learn pro affiliate marketing strategies. 
  • Learn how to get paid work (Kristin will facilitate intros where appropriate). 
  • Get on an ad network and/or increase your ad network income. 
  • Your end result: Getting paid for your work. 

Social Media Mastery:

  • How to pick the right social platform for you. 
  • Learn the BMTM Pinterest strategy. 
  • How to grow on YouTube, Facebook groups, Instagram.
  • Watch the presentation created for us by Tailwind on how to grow on Pinterest NOW.
  • Your end result: A game plan for social media platforms right for you.

Supercharge your audience growth:

  • Grow your email list with templates from Kristin. 
  • Learn how to create funnels and tags to optimize and personalize your emails.  
  • Learn how to make people want to open your emails.  
  • Your end result: A more robust email list. 


Creating products:

  • Learn how to make yourself the authority in a niche.
  • Learn how to get featured in media as an expert
  • Learn how to set up tours. 
  • Learn how to sell your course/retreat/e-book
  • Your end result: A path to a product launch.


"I've been loving the quality and variety of resources we have as part of TBA. I also love that we get to have a private Slack group where we can talk and interact with one another. I enjoy reading about what others are working on and being able to help each other out with feedback or ideas. I also think this is a perfect opportunity for networking and collaborating with one another when we're ready. 

I'm finding tremendous value in the content of the program, but more than that, I'm having fun. I look forward to the interactions and feel that I'm learning a lot and understanding how to achieve my goals. "


"I am learning so much from you Kristin as well as the others in the group. To be able to have an opportunity to be a part of a small group of like minded women and to learn from someone who has been in the business successfully as long as you have is so valuable!"

Your Options: Get them all or Just Coaching!

The travel blog accelerator was a live course that was recorded, with added bonuses like templates and accountability journals. 

It Includes:

  • SEO for Travel Blogs
  • What's My Niche? Find Your Way
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Blogging as a Business
  • Monetize Your Blog

Want 1:1 Coaching With Kristin?

Do you want a more hands-on approach? I'm also offering 1:1 coaching calls + direct access to private message me about your projects. 

I will evaluate your site, project, or specific need and we will talk live for 1 hour, + you may follow up with me directly via chat for 2 weeks following our call. 

Group Program

Group calls, monthly lessons, accountability


499 ​

  • 5 Productivity Journals
  • Private Slack Group Access
  • Full Access to all of my best tactics and strategies
  • An Opportunity to Make a Full Time Living
Private Coaching

1:1 coaching + direct access to Kristin


200.00/ Hourlong session  

  • 1-hour call + business eval by Kristin
  • Direct access via text for 2 weeks following
  • Get help on your specific project in a 1:1 setting
  • Learn from a 6-figure entrepreneur
  • Book as many as you wish per month
  • Get insider tips you can't get anywhere else 

You Got Questions? I Got Answers

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How is Payment Handled?

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