A virtual Retreat  For Your Highest Self.

Craving connection?

Always wanted to try a retreat, but it was too high-priced or far away? 

Feeling burnt out and exhausted? Yeah, me too! 

Join us for a week of rejuvenation, self care to nourish you, and connection with other amazing women near and far. 

 Take a week for yourself. Reconnect to your purpose. 

In recent years I've LOVED the connection, health focus, personal power, and SELF-CONFIDENCE I've built from retreats. 

If you've always wanted to join a yoga and healthy living retreat, or love them and miss being able to do them, then journey with us through the rainbow for an amazing retreat back to your purpose and your inner warrior. Enjoy the camaraderie and the feeling of community with our Chakra retreat, taking you through each color of the rainbow in taste, body movement, and meditation. 

So what does a virtual retreat look like?

Take a week of full immersion, or participate in the morning before work to start your day off right, and in the evenings after work to invite calm and peaceful sleep. All live recordings are saved in our private Facebook group where you can access them on your own time. Here's our daily schedule: 

  • Meditations live at 8am Pacific in our secret Facebook group, guided by Kristin (10-20 minutes). 
  • Practice yoga with Alex Baackes, certified teacher and fellow travel blogger (15-25 minutes, on your own time). 
  • Cook simple, nourishing meals from a rainbow-inspired clean eating, healthy meal plan by health coach Paige Kline (20-60 minutes, on your own time). 
  • One tantra, breathwork, EFT, or dance session each day at 5pm Pacific with Kristin Addis, and Artheena Regalado. 
  • 10% of our proceeds go to The Loveland Foundation. 

Everything will be provided for you to keep in case you can't always join live!

What We've Got In Store Each Day

Day 1: Grounded like a Warrior

Step into your personal power. 

Grounding meditation | Warrior yoga sequence | A delicious, healthy, easy-to-make stew for your vitality

+ Join us for a live meet & greet.

Day 2: Confident and Joyous 

Dance, find joy, and celebrate life! 

Meditation for personal power | Grounding meditation | Yoga for creativity | Stuffed sweet potato with cashew and chutney

+ Dance ritual for manifestation with Kristin.

+ Join live to share how you're feeling - safe space for sharing and connecting. 

Day 3: The Soul's Journey 

What do you desire?

Motivation + purpose meditation | Manifestation yoga sequence | Zucchini + fresh corn salad for the soul

+ Art + expression therapy with Paige Kline.

+ Tune in to share your creations live with the group.

Day 4: The Heart

Connect from afar.

Loving kindness + met meditation | Heart opening yoga | Heart opening hippie pizza on cauliflower crust

+ Live breathwork for clarity and relaxation led by Kristin.

Day 5: Self-Expression

Courage to Express it.

Meditation for self-expression | Yoga for confidence | Blueberry feta salad for creators 

+ Dance ritual for reaching lofty goals and making waves of change with Kristin.

Day 6: Inner Wisdom

Letting your inner knowing take over.

Inner peace meditation | Yoga for clarity | Blueberry kale smoothie bowl for thought

+ Live Emotional Freedom Technique session with Kristin for reaching our deepest wisdom. 

Day 7: Wear that Crown

Connecting to higher guidance.

Meditation for wisdom | Yoga for highest purpose | Banana coconut lime sorbet + Watermelon salad for the brain

+ Live tantric Queen Ritual for our highest purpose led by Artheena Regalado.

+ Join us live for our closing circle.

Meet Your ​Workshop

Kristin ADdis

Founder of Be My Travel Muse, a travel brand that empowers women to be adventurous, Kristin has led over 100 women on adventure retreats in the past 2.5 years. 

Kristin's meditation journey began with a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat in rural Thailand in 2012 and has been a devoted student ever since. She is trained in EFT, has spent over 200 hours on tantric embodiment practices, and explored breathwork since 2017. 

She will lead daily guided meditations, dance meditations, breathwork, and will facilitate a safe and beautiful environment for our retreat.  

Alex Baackes

Alexandra Baackes of Alex in Wanderland is a RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, a Buti Bands and Sculpt instructor, and a regular yoga practitioner for over a decade.

She is also the founder of Wander Women Retreats, combining her love of travel, movement, and community with trips for women around the world. 

Right now, she is practicing gratitude for this opportunity to slow down, learn, and connect with an online community.

Paige Kline

Paige became a health coach to empower herself after struggling with a chronic illness. Now she lives pain free and her role is to make it easy for people to do the right things. 

As an advocate for change, Paige guides people in cultivating healthy habits around self-care and nutrition.

The origin of her name translates to "Little Messenger", and it is her mission to share what she has learned the past 16 years about the process of healing and overcoming adversity.

artheena regalado

Artheena is a queer healer and spiritual guide who uses the exploration of sexuality as a tool to heal and develop a divine connection with the body. 

Originally from the midwest, Artheena lives in Los Angeles and has spent the past few years deeply immersed in trainings and learning the art of living your truth while strengthening your connection to God.

Consistently Artheena is complimented on her ability to create a safe portal to move through the body and its sensations to access an enlightened state of being, sense of freedom, and realization of self. 

Goody Bag 

We're here to raise the vibe. Each person who signs up will get:

  • A self-reflection journal - yours to keep
  • A curated clean eating menu based on the rainbow

10% of our proceeds will support The Loveland Foundation.


All for only $149

A week of self-care, connection, healthy eating, and yoga.

A retreat based on our chakras

Chakras are centers of energy within the body running from the base of our spine up to above the crown of our head. The ancient Sanskrit word for chakra translates to ‘wheel’. Think of the energy centers in our body as wheels that move our energy upwards. 

They were first referenced in the Vedas text from the second millennium BCE though they exist in different forms in ancient Egypt, India, and beyond.

Drawing on this ancient wisdom, we will open our chakras to feel safer, more empowered, free to express ourselves, and open to higher wisdom.

In a nutshell, you will feel healthier, more at peace, and rejuvenated. 

Yoga, Meditation, Dance, and Healthy eating

All of these things help us feel more self-love, confidence, sense of purpose, and connection. 

Though we can't meet in person, tap into the group energy and connect with others who want to feel stronger, more at peace, and confident. 

Most of all, treat yourself to a beautiful retreat for mind, body, and spirit. 

Take a week for You

This retreat is affordable, done from the comfort of your own space, and is a wonderful introduction to practices that have changed our lives. 


All for only $149

What if I'm not available that week?

I'm not very familiar with chakras or retreats. How do I know this is for me?

How will this still foster connection despite the virtual nature?

I want to sign up but I am too busy to keep up with the retreat pacing. 

My question isn't answered here. 

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